Dragon of Icespire Peak

6 months: Downtime in Phandalin; running the mining company, new Lathander temple, newcomers and new dangers

Day 1-6: From Phandalin to Butterskull Ranch and back

Day 7-10: Dragon attacks Phandalin, get wood for defense, get the dragon slayer’s sword

Day 10-11: Neverwinter, Feast of Love, Heartbreaker

Lost Mine of Phandelver

Day 1-13: Travel from Red Larch to the Triboar and rescued Sildar Hallwinter from goblins on the way to Phandalin

Day 14-16: Lionshield Coster wagon returned, Redbrand threat neutralised, Kee-Kee and Imik sent to the Seed of Eldath

Day 17-20: Travelled to Bonesplitter’s Lair and sent to Thundertree; fought plants and zombies

Day 21-23: Caught at Cragmaw Goblinhold; Gundren pursuit

Day 23-25: Nundro points the way; into Wave Echo Cave

One week later: In which the Avengers meet a night hag




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