Against Talos

Against Talos

Before setting off, Maree intimidated the captured displacer beast to do her bidding. Rae and Kavier led the party towards Falcon’s Hunting Lodge. They followed the river. As they drew near, they heard sounds of fighting ahead. Rae stepped into the shadows to scout ahead a found a number of barbarian warriors who were just ending their battle with an orcish party.

She called, “Orcs ahead!” and rushed in to help. Kavier was greeted by the sight of Twohawk fist-bumping Rae. Twohawk tells them that the attacks by orcs has been happening more frequently in the area and urges them to return to Falcon’s place with him.

They find the fortified compound packed with tribes people, many injured. Inside, Falcon tells them that the Elk tribe has come under attack from the orcs invading from the east, so much so that they had to fall back to his lodge. After Xanth left in search of Kavier for his assistance, they found another orcish base of operations in an abandoned mansion. The Prevengers decided to pursue the Talos cultists who are said to be conducting dark rituals on a hilltop. Falcon agreed to help them (within his means) to procure supplies and provisions.

That night, Kavier, Maree and Rae brought comfort to the sick and wounded, Kavier & Maree with healing and Rae with song. Maree also wrangled a horse drumstick for her displacer beast.

The next morning, they set off with Xanth as a guide. Along the way, they found a curious clearing with a dead tree at its center. Maree, with Oohye behind, approached the tree boldly and found a number of dolls made of twigs — each doll held a still-beating heart. Delighted, Maree began playing with the dolls and reluctantly left it behind. As they went up the ridge on uneven ground, they were spotted by a group of orcs who attacked.

Against Talos

They found an Anchorite of Talos amongst the horde and Maree excercised her infamous orc conversion on Ook, Borsh, Acha. The encounter left them certain they were headed in the right direction… To be continued.

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