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For few of the sessions, we did not record down the campaign notes.

Below are some honorable mentions of epic moments and good fights.

Session 11: June 07

Falcon Hunting Lodge is under attack!

While on the mission to save the survivors, few fighting involved including killing some Twigs, Anchorites, and lots of Orcs.

Fortunately, The Prevengers managed to save 6 villages and Twohawk.

Session 12: July 12

The Prevengers and survivors from the assault including Twohawk travelled back to Falcon Hunting Lodge.

After a short rest, The Prevengers continue their journeys.

It is an eventful journey as they were trapped by 3 playful Elements of winds and storms; Lugalme, Delondra, and Irkalla.

After some fighting with mushrooms, and plenty of talking, they finally cracked all the riddles and awarded with some magic weapons.

The Prevengers then reaches the Camp and with help of Bree, they affirmed that Elkheart (Kavier’s Mentor) are suffering from a cursed that is preventing his wound from healing.

Session 13: August 02 (By FY)

  • Aftermath of merry-making:
    • Redspear, Bree, Oohye hungover
    • Muffin fight
    • Maree by the ‘kitchen’Rae drags Redspear to pack
  • Maree heals the Elkheart (PUMP-kins; seeds of Lathander (34 found by Rae and Kavier)):
    • Bree receives healing potion from Old Sarah
  • Rae finds out Grannoc’s minimum sentence is 10 years hard labour.
  • Leave with Tristan for Shrine of Savras – takes most of the day to travel there:
    • Watch was uneventful though there was some unsettling howling that night
  • Wraith, specter, and zombies fight:
    • Rae finds crack in wall when the wraith attacks
    • Ogre zombie charges out
    • Spectres hidden in main hall, surrounding Oohye (Redspear’s abjuration ward saves him)
    • Bree casts Web to slow orc zombies down
    • Maree pumpkin time
  • Vision of Cryovain – altar hides 57gp, a key and the deck of many things.
  • Maree knocks down the gold bell.
  • Tristan recognises the dead skeletons as her priestesses — missing the head priestess Agatha.

Session 14: August 16

The Prevengers went back to Phandalin only then they noticed that Haliah has took over the control of Phandalin.

They decided to burry the Deck of Many Things they found in Shrine of Savras at The Miner’s Company and continue their journey to Icespire Peak to hunt down the Drow.

Session 15: August 30 (by FY)

While The Prevengers on their way out, Oohye meets the guards he hired before leaving for Neverwinter. He tells the group that he will catch up.

It’s a two day journey to Agatha’s Lair near Conyberry. It seemed that Agatha was expecting Tristan. She transform from a frightful banshee into a spectral elvish woman of noble standing.

Tristan tells Rae and Redspear that Agatha will be grant them a boon each. She will tell Rae the path to return to the Feywild while Redspear may ask one question.

Tristan takes Agatha’s hand and they merge. Agatha refers to Tristan as the prophesised child and their business had something to do with Savras.

Bree offers Agatha the silver comb and asks her question. Agatha grants Tristan’s boon to her two children. Agatha-Tristan then disappears into the sky.

Rae attempts to take the emerald necklace and tuft of white fur from the table. Two cat eidolons (one black one white) appears and hisses at Rae. She turns tail and runs. Maree attempts to catch the cats but, Bree realising the nature of the spirits, drags her out and runs.

Two giant statues of numerous stone eyes erupt from the ground, they run before it can catch them.

They camp in the abandoned village of Conyberry for the night.

Maree attempts to contact Oohye using a Sending spell but there was no response. The two messages were:

  1. “We are on our way to Eldon’s. Rae will be there. Do not enter Agatha’s hut. Reply affirmative. Hugs & kisses, Lathander’s blesssings, Rae.”
  2. “We are on our way to Eldon’s. By the grace of the dawn, reply yes. Hugs & kisses, Lathander’s blessings, Rae.”

Concerned and needing help from Eldon anyway, they return to Phandalin (another 2 day journey). They questioned Oohye’s guard and learned that he had headed back to Phandalin Inc HQ. The receptionist mentioned that Oohye told her that he needed to pick up something as he left HQ.

They find that a hole had been dug where the dead cricket jar was. They find a pile of Oohye’s clothes and belongings but no sign of his magic items except the Deck of Many Things with the Jester card missing. They concluded that Oohye must have drawn the cards and one of them must have been Donjon to explain his disappearance.

Bree confiscated the deck sans the Sun card in Maree’s possession (stuck with glue to her shield).

They travel up to the Bonesplitters’ Clan secret entrance on the plateau. They are admitted.

Eldon informs them they have been fighting the drow in the mountains. He learns from the party that the drow plan to use the Collar of Obedience on the white dragon. While he did not have an image of Jarl Sylvestin, the was able to show them an image of a frost giant. Cryovain, the white dragon, was described as one of the Jarl’s creatures. The Jarl held Cryovain’s mate and eggs. He concluded that the dragon had escaped its master’s grasp though it is unclear if the Jarl still held the mate and eggs.

When asked if there was anything that can be done for Oohye, Eldon said that it is beyond his abilities. He did offer to message his mentor but gave no guarantees as to whether his mentor can help and it would be highly unlikely it would be in time for the fight with the drow.

In the meantime, he asks if they are looking for another person to help in the fight. To be continued.

Session 16: Sep 27 (The Epic Fight)

Icesphire Hold
  • As the disappearance of Oohye, Eldon introduced Wilson, a human fighter to join the party.
  • The Prevengers met Atalia & Eddie while tracking down Drow.
  • Atalia & Eddie told the party that her parents was murdered by the White Dragon and she decided to join the party.
  • On Icespire Hold, the party saw White dragon resting on the castle. Immediately they lower their voice and trying not to alert the White Dragon.
  • Vengeance blinded Atalia eye, she decided to charge at the White Dragon along with Eddie.
  • The Prevengers casting all sorts of bright and loud maneuverability spells trying to stop Atalia & Eddie’s reckless behavior.
  • In the process, The Prevengers made too much loud noises, the White Dragon flew towards the party.

The Final Battel with White Dragon!!!

  • White Dragon use its Breath ability and knocked Kavier, Maree, and Bree unconscious.
  • Redspear tries to negotiate with White Dragon but it is not effective, while Wilson tried his best to fight the White Dragon.
  • While Kavier and Maree is in very bad shape, Bree gained consciousness.
  • After observing the desperate situation, Bree decided to make take out the Deck of Many Things and draw 3 cards:
  • First Card: RUIN
    • Bree suddenly stripped naked!
  • Second Card: GEM
    • Plenty of gems showers right from above and buried Bree.
  • Third Card: IDIOT
    • Bree became a little stupider.
  • Forth Card: WISH !!!
    • First Wish: Bree casted Disintegrate on the White Dragon and its heavily wounded.
    • Second Wish: Bree restore everyone HP
  • As the party back in shape, they finally killed the white dragon.
  • A loud roar of sorrow came from the hill of Icesphire Hold.
  • A younger white dragon fly towards and attack the party.
  • With not much effort required, the party killed the young white dragon too.
  • After the dangerous encounter, The Prevengers found some eggs in the Icesphire Hold.

The Prevengers take their long rest in a safe spot.

Session 17, 18, 19, 20 : October 18, November 1 (Bree‘s Oneshot), November 15, November 29 (Rae‘s Oneshot)

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to record down these few sessions hence I am not able to write down in detailed of the events encountered.


  • The Prevengers met with the Drow and killed them,
  • Halia thrown off by Zelda, Phandalin is under Zelda’s control now,
  • The Prevengers fought and killed a Black Dragon
  • Members of Prevengers starting their own pursue
    • Bree‘s Brew (Bree‘s potion brewery store)
    • Maree‘s Monastery
    • Kavier‘s Kare (Kavier’s Clinic)
    • Wilsonaries (Wilson’s Accessories Store)

Session 21: December 13 – Epilogue (Story Telling)

In a dark room, with no windows and door are constantly locked. There are:

  • Meep, a Kenku
  • Meowth, a Tabaxi
  • Orange Blast, a Tiefling
  • Zees, an Aarakroca
  • Eveready, a Warforge

6 of the kids ages from of 3 to 8 sitting around an old lady waiting for their bed time story.

The tale goes:

After all the White dragon problems, Maree is finally getting married with Silveran’s son.

On the big wedding day filled with joy and celebration, The sky turned dark suddenly, it was the Drow’ plan to attack on the wedding day!

As no one was expected nor prepared for the attack, Drow succesfully took over Neverwinter and starting expand their territory by invading many big cities.

It turned out that House Silveran are Drow that disguised as human and House Mareal is working with them all along. With Maree married to Silveran’s son, she became the evil queen of Drow.

While all of these happening, Kavier, Rae, and Wilson was on a mission chase after a party that constantly hunt for rare creatures and causing some harm to the wood, Rae managed to form an alliance with Tabaxi clan and ambush the party and now on the mission to chase after the big bad boss behind this party.

In order for Rae to convince Tabaxi clan to join them:

  • Kavier promised he will shapeshift himself to whale for Tabaxis to lick.
  • Wilson also promised to play fluffy toys with Tabaxis.

As for Bree and Redspear, they were summoned to guard the Tower of Soloman, duties to shine the last few lights to the sky darkened by the Drow.

Campaign 2: Dragon of Icespire Peak – The End.

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