Atala & Addy: Afterword

A Misadventure

Addy is wounded. I must bind her wounds.

The strange group with their wild horsemen had gone north. It was really quite fortunate they were there or Atala & Addy would have been trapped by the mob of goblins. Atala thinks: “I might have survived but Addy…”

Addy would have gouged out an opening for her to escape. But did polar bear think that Atala would take that opening? Atala looked over the dirty white fur. Addy breathes heavy as she crashes through the overgrowth.

The bond between the half-elf and beast had snapped in place when Addy had charged up the stairs. It had taken Atala by surprise but she had had no time to think. Atala found that she could feel Addy’s single-minded intent to run back to the forests.

I wouldn’t have left you. The bear growls, as though “Are you stupid?” This startles Atala. Addy was responding to her thoughts. And, somehow, she could understand the bear’s.

This was the most dangerous encounter they’ve had ever since leaving Icewind Dale. They had been on the trail of an ice dragon since the previous fall. Unfortunately, they were caught in the war. Humans, goblins… It had only confirmed for her that there was no good in civilisation.

Atala urges Addy, “Let’s find a place to rest. Addy, you have to stop soon.” The bear sniffs the air, slows and then takes off again. Atala yelps for her to stop but then sees that she was headed for. It looked like an abandoned village. Most of the houses were in ruins but some looked like it can provide enough shelter for a girl and her bear.

Night falls. Atala manages to stop the bleeding and bandage the worst of the wounds. She was able to catch a rabbit and it now roasts on a spit in the campfire. The spring air was still chilly. Atala huddles closer to Addy. The bear’s breathes evenly. As Atala closes her eyes about to drift off, she hears a banshee scream.

“WHO INTRUDES ON AGATHA’S LANDS?!” An undead elven woman manifests in front of her. Its face is wreathed in a wild tangle of hair, its body clad in wispy rags that flutter and stream around it.

A banshee, a real banshee… Addy stands protectively in front of Atala. What are we going to do? Heart beating wildly, she pulls up her bow, ready to fight…

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