Epilogue: Lost Mine of Phandelver

Epilogue Lost Mine of Phandelver

After escorting Gundren back to Phandalin, the Avengers returned to the cave to clear it out so that Gundren & Co. can begin mining operations. When they returned to Blase the Spectator, it was fooled by Redspear this time and gave permission for the group to enter. Blase also believed its contract has been fulfilled, so they barely catch a glimpse of it before it disappears. Inside the workshop, they find a Brazier of Green Flame as well as two magic items: Lightbringer and Dragonguard. Redspear realises that this was the Forge of Spells that he had read so much about. He spends most of his time studying and experimenting with the brazier. He discovers that nonmagical weapons bathed in the green flames for at least 1 minute become +1 weapon or +1 armour for 1-12 hours (1d12 hours). 

The Avengers receive a 10% stake in Gundren’s mining company. Gundren, Nundro, Barthen, and Sildar (on the Lords’ Alliance behalf) holds the other percent. They travelled to the Bonesplitters’ lair and presented Grol’s head to Yatta. After three months, they establish trade between the Bonesplitters and Phandalin. At the signing ceremony, the Bonesplitters present a pair of Sending Stones to them. Bonesplitter goblins provide their labour and expertise to the enterprise. 

In Phandalin, Sildar Hallwinter firmly establishes himself as townmaster, establishes a constabulary, and organises the town’s defense. Sildar recruits Daran Edermath to train new recruits. As such, the Redbrands do not return. Elmar Barthen and Linene Graywind become engaged but retain their friendly rivalry in business. With the trade alliance with the Bonesplitters, there is a greater demand for trade goods, especially food. Qelline Alderleaf becomes a representative of the Phandalin Agricultural Collective. Sister Garaele pesters Myrl about the banshee but is suddenly called back by her order. 

Venomfang’s influence pervades the area around Cragmaw Castle and all those who know better avoid it. No one has heard from Atala and Addy. Iarno Albrek aka Glasstaff remains missing. Kee-Kee and Imik make contact with Ixir and learn all that has happened with the Bonesplitter Clan. They decide to pursue their studies in Neverwinter. 

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