Milly the young goblin servant girl delivers the evening’s meal to The Avengers. She asks them about Kee-Kee and Imik; speaks of what she knows about Yatta and Eldon. She mentions that the clan is discussing the issue of succession.

Elro also stops by to give Myrl three walloping arrows he has recently invented, as thanks for being his first customer.

Eldon returns and gives Redspear a book “Seasons in Sword Mountain”. He shows him that another book, “A Study of the Booyahg Goblins”, can be read when it is illuminated with magical light. He warns Redspear to be careful who he shows it to as those prejudiced against goblins might consider it heresy. Eldon also gives Ixir his Eldath amulet to show Reidoth and asks that it’s passed on to either Kee-Kee or Imik if they see the goblin children again. Eldon also passed on a message from Yatta that he would provide a gift of dire wolf mounts to each person in thanks for his nephew’s rescue.

Eldon’s Story

Ixir lends Redspear his light to read the book. He reads it out to the group. In the first chapter, they learn more about Eldon’s background. Eldon was seeking the Forge of Spells when his explorations were cut short by a collapsed cave. He was separated from the rest of the group (made up of R, DE, and K) and was rescued by a goblin, Y. Y’s goblin clan was more inclined to kill rather than enslave powerful outsiders like Eldon. After nursing him back to health, Y kept him alive by presenting Eldon as his slave. They spent much time together — Eldon repaying Y by teaching him magic and Y protecting Eldon as they continued exploring the mountains in search of the Lost Mine of Phandelver.

However, word of Y’s brother’s demise reached his ears and they had to return to claim and care for his young nephew. Y had always thought that his brother would challenge the previous chief for his position one day. It also came to light that the previous chief may have had something to do with his brother’s death. Y donned his newly-found his circlet to challenge the chief for his position. Eldon suggests that Y took his place in the clan in order to honour & avenge his brother and provide his nephew with his rightful legacy.

The next day, they met Yatta and Eldon for breakfast where they asked about the possibility of Bonesplitter mages to provide a distraction while they infiltrate the castle to kill King Grol. Yatta indicated this was possible and that they can provide a fog cloud for cover. They collected their things and new mounts and Eldon teleported them to Thundertree.

Plants vs. Zombies

On arrival, the local denizens made up of four ash zombies, two needle blights, and six twig blights greeted them. Fight:

  • Myrl knocks on the door of the heavily shuttered and barred stone cottage; a tall gaunt druid opens the door.
  • Ash zombies spew sulfuric ash when hit, fortunately everyone manages not to breath in any of the ash.

Reidoth is indignant that they did not his warning sign. They tell him that Eldon has actually teleported them here. Ixir shows him Eldon’s amulet and tells Reidoth that they were sent by his old friend to seek the help of the treants. Reidoth agrees that the goblins in Neverwinter Woods are a problem but he’s unable to leave Thundertree for now. This is because a young green dragon has occupied the mage tower on the hill nearby and he’s concerned that its presence would mean that the environment would change for the worse. He also mentions that he sees some black dressed people coming and going from a house in the far eastern end of the ruins. 

Eldon’s Story (cont’d)

During their long rest, Reidoth talks a bit more about Eldon and Yatta. He did not know Yatta very well but knew Eldon was part of the Seed of Eldath. Their adventures looking for the Forge of Spells ended when a cave collapsed (he had not known if Eldon and Yatta survived after being separated). Reidoth had to take care of his other comrades, Daran Edermath and Kazoo, as they were both injured. They went their separates while Reidoth settled in the Neverwinter Woods.

Redspear also continued reading Eldon’s book. The next chapter detailed the booyahgs’ history: The B. Clan first settled in caves within the Sword Mountains over 500 years ago. Through what Eldon gathered from their oral history, the first booyahg (as goblins called magic users) emerged soon after that. There was a high number of sorcerers and later wizards as they passed down their magical knowledge generation after generation. These goblins now form the Lasher caste. He notes that this clan’s goblins are smarter than any goblins he had encountered. Some goblins from the other castes developed other magics: Hunter caste goblins often had rangers or Gatherer caste goblins had druids.

The Pariah caste goblins seem to manifest powers at random and at a lesser rate than the other castes. Often, Pariah children are taken in by other castes once they develop magic. He notes that there had been no clerics or paladins in the clan’s history. But, he does suspect that the young goblins of this generation K. and I. have manifested divine magic. Further observation is required to confirm his suspicions.

A Ruined Town

They head out to parley with the dragon under cover of night. On the way, they visit the old herbalist shop that Mirna Dendrar said they can find her old family heirloom.

After retrieving the gold necklace, they head up the hill to the mage tower. The dragon, Venomfang, appears on the top of the tower after the group knocks on the door. They convince it to make Cragmaw Castle its new home by selling it as a larger space+formerly occupied by a king, slaves being readily available, and treasures to be had. Venomfang tells them to return so that they can head out in the morning. 

As The Avengers reach the bottom of the hill, a voice speaks “Psst!” to get their attention. They see six figures dressed in black in front of them.

To be continued…  

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