Trail of Retreat

Trail of Retreat

(The day before) Oohye distracts the goblin patrol, stealing two horses nearby and riding away. He heads towards the slave camp, shaking his tail there. The Laughing Elk and Bonesplitter troops managed to liberate the camp. As Twohawk gloats about their victory, they hear a roar and see two dragons fly towards Cragmaw Castle. The smaller is about the size of Venomfang while the other is four sizes larger than him. 

They watch as the dragons raze the castle. Friends and enemies retreat. The scouts report that Oohye’s friends have been transported to the Pointy Sticks’ camp. Twohawk promises 10 men so that the tribe may discharge their blood debt.

Rescue Mission

The next day before dawn, they arrive at the camp. Oohye sees a number tents, half dismantled and a wooden building. He directs the scouts to set fire as a distraction. For a moment, nothing seems to have happened. But suddenly, something combusts and goes up in flames. They hear distressed voices and takes it as their cue to charge into the camp.

They managed to charge through easily as the guards were distracted. But as they approached the wooden building, 15 goblins barred their way. They fight. Suddenly, a polar bear charges out the building followed by the rest of the crew.

Trail of Retreat

Addy the polar bear charges forth past the goblins. After clearing the first swarm, they catch up with Addy who fights another 25 goblins. With their timely arrival, they defeat all the goblins. One of the goblins very helpfully (at sword point) direct Milo to the wagons where their possessions were. In the chaos, they ride away and abscond with the wagons.

Twohawk lead them back to his tribe. They learn from Old Sarah that dragons affect the region around their lair. Green dragons cause the areas around their lair to form thickets that are a maze, obscuring the area. It would also be difficult to avoid the dragon’s scrutiny as the rodents and birds in the air form its eyes and ears. They also learn from Yatta that Grol had escaped with the drow, Gundren, and his troops. The Bonesplitters attempted to confront them but retreated after Eldon got hit with poison. 

Tracking Grol

The next day, Kavier cast Protection from Poison and purged Eldon of the poison. They also managed to sell some of the wares to Yatta they found on the wagons for 50gp. They exchanged bundles of linen for wooden sculptures in each members’ likeness. As goodwill, they also gave a wagon each to the Laughing Elk tribe and to the Bonesplitters.

Melro, the head of the Bonesplitter hunters, bring them to the point where the Bonesplitters had parted way with the Cragmaw goblins. Milo spoke to Oohye’s dire wolf and asked it to track the Cragmaw goblins. With its keen nose and the large contingent that passed by, it had little trouble following the trail. However, as the dire wolf tracked the goblins into the hills, it suddenly lost the trail in a mountain pass. It was only able to tell Milo that strange elves appears in the spot. Disturbed, the party searched the area but could find no trace of them. They raise their guard. Myrl diligently checks for traps with her mage hand and inches forward in the pass. As she turns the corner, she finds an unconscious dwarf face down in the path…

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