Trouble in Red Larch

Trouble in Red Larch

A new spring arrives. Leaving behind the city of Waterdeep, Milo met up with his employer Ixir (dragonborn sorcerer) on the road.

On the way, they met fellow travellers Redspear (half-elven wizard), Kavier (human druid) and Imbert (human cleric) who were also journeying along the Long Road.

As they reach the village of Red Larch, they hear of the village’s problems and resolve to investigate… and earn some coin. 

  • Constable Harburk asks them to deal with the bandits in the southeast of town. Reward is 50gp.
  • Minny’s granddaughter, Pell, saw a ghost northeast of Red Larch. The next day, they set out to find this ghost. After learning the spectre was haunting/protecting his master’s tomb, they left it in peace and hid the tomb entrance to prevent others from stumbling across it again.
  • At the innkeeper’s behest, they also braved the necromancer’s cave in Lance Rock, drawing out a promise to receive undead servants from him and one of his purple tapestries. They rested in the cave before returning to Red Larch the next day. 

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