A Most Potent Brew

A Most Potent Brew

The next day, Redspear and Kavier met Myrl, Ricola (half-orc monk), Ginseng (elf ranger) and Oohye (goliath fighter) while having breakfast at the inn. Kaylessa the innkeeper needed someone to help her take her order of ale casks from The Wizard’s Tower Brewing Co.

On the outskirts of Red Larch. The group agreed to help her with the errand. She also mentioned the place also needed some help with the basement but didn’t know much about the specifics. After getting the pony and cart from Iraun the one-eyed stablemaster, they set off.

Cresting up a small hill, they see a stone building with several barns around it. Glowkindle, the brother in charge at the brewery, received the altered chit and told the group about their troubles with the cellar and asked their help to clear it out of the critters.

While the group was downstairs dealing with the giant rats that appeared, the door closed behind them, locked. This pissed them off. They proceeded through anyway and overcame the mosaic trap, the giant centipedes and giant inferno spider as well as its brood. 

Once the task was completed, they marched out of the cellar to have a word with Glowkindle. It turns out that Derrick the simpleton had mistakenly closed and locked the cellar door. The group roughed the gnomes around but did leave eventually to return to Kaylessa. They settle into the inn for a long rest.

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