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Kavier - The Prevengers

Kavier, a Human Druid.


I was born the heir of a noble clan, where the people were against all sorts of magic. They claim it to be witchcraft, and whoever studied it would be burnt alive. But it didn’t kill my interest towards magic in any way.

One day, whilst wandering the woods, I saw an elk – an injured elk. I assisted the elk by bandaging it. And with that act, the elk magically transformed to the form a Human.

It lit up my strong interest toward magics. The Human “elk” tells me that he is a Druid, and that he had to shapeshift to escape danger – he was badly wounded during the process. I was amazed,

He taught me the simple ways of druidic magic as a form of appreciation. With my talent and keen interest, I had mastered the druidic arts in short period of time. That was the last we saw each other, as Elk had to leave. I didn’t know where he had to go.

One day, war had ignited between my clan and a rival clan. With the lack of magic ability, we were severely disadvantaged as my people were slowly picked off by our opponents powers. Foreseeably, our clan was going to lose with only a matter of time. Without any hesitation, I started defending my people with my hidden druidic magic. In a final act of desperation, I had shapeshifted to a spider to sneak into our enemy’s camp to assassinate their leader.

We had won the war, and the mysterious way of magic was an eye-opener to my clan. They understood the necessity of magic and, with the lesson learnt, the clan leader had decided to lift the rules against executing magic users. It had encouraged my people to start studying and learning magic,

All of my family members were killed as a result of the devastating war. Everything my family owned had been burnt to ashes, with only 3 of my family servants who had manage to survive the disaster.

Being the last standing heir to my noble family had enlightened me. I had realized that the ruling of a conservative King had caused us greatly. And it with bloodshed that the King had learnt and became more open-minded.

I was jaded by the nuances of politics and would rather to die to a decision of my own making, rather than the rule of others. I had decided to leave my clan to wander the world – to start a new journey for myself. My 3 remaining servants had agreed to follow me else they will be left behind with no one to work for and end up starving to death.

So here am I, a (poor) noble druid with 3 servants that has been wandering in the forest seeking for druid power.